RO’C Featured in The Looprevil Press

Rachael Carpenter of The Looprevil Press recently published an excellent write-up of the Roxie O’del Couture and friends Spring Clothes Show.

We’re delighted by some of her comments!

“I could have been dropped there from space and still know I was in Liverpool. It lived and breathed the infamous and unique Merseyside magic that makes me love living here.”

“There was a relaxed and informal feel to what was, quite clearly, an extremely well planned and hugely professional event.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. Every piece was so well made and all I can do is celebrate the way the whole evening embraced what we all know of Liverpool style and congratulate everyone involved for creating such a fabulous and highly successful event which supported local businesses. I can’t wait for the next one. ”

Be sure to read the full article!